The new iSave is the direct path to
saving 60 % of energy costs

The patented iSave™ isobaric Energy Recovery Device captures otherwise wasted pressure from the membrane reject flow and transfers it directly to the membrane feed flow.

With its built-in highpressure positive displacement booster pump and electric motor, the iSave automatically controls high-pressure flow – without the use of separate flow meters – to ensure constant and reliable highpressure feed to the RO membrane.

It’s simple, reliable and fully automatic. Due to near-perfect energy transfer, which in many cases reaches up to 95 % efficiency, net energy consumption can be reduced by up to 60 % compared to systems not using energy recovery.

But energy costs are not all that the iSave reduces. The iSave also enables designers to specify smaller, less costly high-pressure pumps in SWRO systems. And it helps them save space.

Best-in-class total costs of ownership
  • No need for costly high-pressure flow meters
  • Highly efficient energy recovery – up to 95 % net transfer
  • kWh savings up to 60 % compared to applications without ERD
  • Reduces size and costs of high-pressure pump
  • Simple design cuts use of stainless steel piping and fittings

Small footprint, big impact
Even though the iSave has the smallest footprint of any isobaric ERD on the market, it makes a dramatic difference on energy bills. With up to 70 % of total energy related desalination costs, plus increasing efforts worldwide to reduce carbon emissions, iSave is the perfect solution for a world thirsty for fresh water.

iSave range

ProductFlow rangePressure rangeEfficiencyAvailable
iSave 21 7-21 m3/h10-82 BARup to 93 %2010
iSave 4022-41 m3/h10-82 BARup to 93 %2012
iSave 6039-60 m3/h10-82 BARup to 94 %TBA
iSave 7759-77 m3/h10-82 BARup to 95 %TBA

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